Are all of your gutter products seamless?

Yes. All of our gutter products are completely seamless, including the hood on the Gotcha Covered Gutter System. We fabricate our gutters on site to custom fit your home.

Why won’t other companies tell me the metal gauge for their gutters?

Unlike us, many of our competitors do not use the thickest and most durable gauge metal.

My old gutters are falling off. Can you help?

Yes, we certainly can. We will start by identifying the cause of the problem. If your fascia boards are rotting, for example, we can replace those.  We can also wrap the fascia boards with aluminum trim coil to further protect the boards from future rot and exposure to the elements.

Does your covered gutter system void the warranty on my roof?

No. Our gutter system is mounted to the fascia boards not your roof as some other covered gutter systems are. This helps the system to be more secure and will not void your warranty on your roof.